Psst…what are you doing here?

I don’t know if this website is for you. You see, we’re a crazy bunch around these parts! We “Lifestylers” have some pretty “out- there” philosophies- which, by and large, make us lots of money, and give us “to-die-for” lifestyles. But not everyone agrees with our attitudes and methodologies! Let’s see….

Have you ever felt you are constantly bombarded with more and more ways to make money, build your business, get promoted, keep moving, grow, learn, keep busy, busy, busy!? Does this drive you nuts? Are you falling into the Capability Trap? You know the one: “I do it because I can? And besides, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done…”

In the quiet of the night, when you’re lying in bed exhausted, maybe frustrated- do you find yourself thinking…“it shouldn’t be this hard!”

  • What if the key to living your “Dream Lifestyle” was not working harder, or learning more- but daring to do things differently?
  • What if “Success” was not a case of polishing up your weaknesses- but a journey of focusing on your strengths and becoming more and more yourself? 
  • What if freedom was not earning a million dollars, but living your personal “Millionaire Lifestyle” sooner than you think?
  • What if you didn’t just dream your dreams – what if you designed your entire life to live them?

If any of this makes sense to you, if any of it grabs you, if that little voice inside your head is saying “yes”…. Then maybe, just maybe you have found the community to support you.

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What is The Lifestyle Shift?

There is no doubt we’re in the “Information Age” and quite frankly we are overwhelmed by it!  It has been said that if “how-to information” was enough we’d all be slim rich and having fabulous sex!  But many of us now hide behind learning more and more, and soaking in more and more information, in an effort to keep busy.  We ultimately avoid the one thing that we most want in life: freedom.

If “busy-ness” is a cultural disease, then “The Lifestyle Shift” is the cure.

And here at Shift Lifestyle we have created an experiential education company dedicated to helping people make this “Lifestyle Shift” … so that you’re not just dreaming you dreams, but living them every day.

We’re here to believe in your dreams, even when you don’t.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

You see we will all make the Lifestyle Shift eventually.  But most people wait until they have their heart attack, or their spouse leaves them, or they lose their job.  Crisis will always precipitate a massive SHIFT. 

What if you didn’t wait til then.  What if you listened to that still small voice inside longing for LIFE, and CHOICE and FREEDOM, and you found the courage to say yes for a change?

Go ahead- start your own Lifestyle Shift immediately by reviewing our Complimentary Video Training Series “The 7 Fundamental Laws of Lifestyle Design”.  Valued at $97, it’s yours for free when you register here.

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